National Research centre (NRC), Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Division, Genetic and Cytology Department.

NRC is the largest multidisciplinary R&D centre in Egypt devoted to basic and applied research within the major fields of interest. It possesses an impressive scientific & technological infrastructure and manpower resources of 4,847 research staff. Consists of 14 divisions and 111 departments covering the major areas of industry, health, environment, agriculture, basic sciences and engineering. Its vision is to correspond to the country's key production and services sectors through the research conducted in different areas of science and technology, scientific consultation and training as well. By conducting basic and applied research within the major fields of interest in order to develop production and services sectors. NRC participates in EMERAMB through its genetic and cytology department within the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Division.

Researchers participating in EMERAMB

  • Dr. Sherin Amin Mahfouze. Principal researcher 
  • Heba A. Mahfouze 
  • Eman H. El-Sayed 
  • Fatallah B. Fatallah 

Research interest:

This group is interested in studying genetic resistance to plant pests such as (viruses, fungi and insects), including molecular markers tightly linked to resistance genes in the plants.

Within EMERAMB it will perform screenings of tomato accessions for resistance to Tomato yellow leaf curl virus will (TYLCV). In addition, molecular markers tightly linked to TYLCV and whitefly resistance genes in tomato will be developed.