National Institute of Biology (NIB)

National Institute of Biology (NIB), Ljubljana, Slovenia is a public non-profit organization performing basic and applied research in the fields of biology, biotechnical sciences and biotechnology, medicine and ecology. The Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology encompasses three research teams, which conduct research on microorganisms and viruses, plant-pathogen interactions using systems biology approaches, and on genetically modified organisms. The department has an excellent know-how on development of molecular diagnostic protocols for laboratory and on-site detection of bacteria, viruses and viroids based on state-of-the-art techniques including real-time PCR, LAMP, digital droplet PCR and high-throughput sequencing. The latter is used for detection and characterization of novel and previously described pathogens.

Researchers participating in EMERAMB

  • Maja Ravnikar. Principal researcher. 
  • Denis Kutnjak 
  • Ion Gutierrez Aguirre 
  • Nataša Mehle 

Research interest

The group has extensive experience in purification and concentration of plant and human viruses and virus like particles (VLPs) produced in plants and experiences in performing affinity experiments with viruses and antibodies using surface plasmon resonance. In the frame of Emeramb project they are focusing on effects of mixed viral infections in plants and development of methods for virome screening in environmental waters to better understand the importance of water as an epidemiological pathway for plant viruses.