Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

INRA, the French National Institute of Agronomic Research, is Europe’s top agricultural research institute and the world’s number two centre for the agricultural sciences. Its scientists are working towards solutions for society’s major challenges in food, nutrition, agriculture and environment.  INRA’s Plant Pathology Unit in Avignon aims to contribute to the development of rational and efficient disease control methods that are compatible with a sustainable and high quality production.

Researchers participating in EMERAMB

  • Cécile Desbiez. Principal researcher. 
  • Eric Verdin 
  • Alexandra Schoeny 
  • Benoit Moury 
  • Catherine Rys 
  • Pauline Millot 
  • Joël Béraud  
  • Nathalie Truglio 
  • Pascale Favier 
  • Patrick Gognalons 

Research interests

The Virology Team at the Plant Pathology Unit in Avignon conducts activities concerning mostly viral diseases of vegetable (cucurbits, pepper and tomato) and ornamental crops. Its research program is centered on virus emergence at different scales from plant to landscape, and focuses on three main axes:
-etiology and diagnosis, from biological indexing to next-generation sequencing
-dynamics and evolution of virus populations, in relation to vector incidence and landscape properties
-resistance durability, including quantitative resistances and tolerance
It strives to be as generic as possible in the design of new concepts, methodologies and tools.