Hellenic Agricultural Organisation-“DEMETER" NAGREF

The Hellenic Agricultural Organisation - Demeter (HAO-DEMETER) (formerly National Agricultural Research Foundation NAGREF) is responsible for Agricultural Research and Technology in Greece functioning as a private entity, under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. It conducts research in the diverse areas of agricultural economy and development, fishery, aquaculture, internal waters, forest ecosystems and natural environment, land production, environmental management, technology, quality and safety of agricultural products and food, animal production and animal health-zoonoses.  The Institute of olive tree subtropical plants and viticulture which headquarters are in Chania is able to contribute in the execution of general and particular projects of national or European agricultural research. Furthermore, the Institute provides technical support to farmers, cooperatives, municipalities and organises various educational activities (seminars, symposia, conferences, e.t.c.)

Researcher participating in EMERAMB:

  • Anastasia Tsagkarakou director of the Entomology Lab (since 2012) and director of the Institute of Olive Tree, Subtropical crops and Viticulture since 2015. Principal researcher. 
  • Emmanuel Roditakis 
  • Stefanos Liveris 

Research interest

Understanding the mechanisms of insecticide resistance focusing to major agricultural pests Bemisia tabaci, Trialeyrodes vaporariorum and Tetranychus urticae (mechanisms and genetics of resistance). Examining the genetic diversity and population genetics in the whiteflies B. tabaci and T. vaporariorum (mtDNA and microsatellites) and the diversity and role of whitefly endosymbionts in host genetic structure and phenotype.