French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)

CIRAD is a public establishment (EPIC) under the joint authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its activities concern the life, social and engineering sciences, applied to agriculture, the environment and territorial management. Its work centres on six main topics: food security, climate change, natural resource management, reduction of inequalities and poverty alleviation.

CIRAD works with its partners in southern countries to generate and pass on new knowledge to support agricultural development. It makes available its scientific and institutional expertise to policymakers in those countries and global debates on the main issues concerning agriculture. It also supports French scientific diplomacy operations. Its joint research unit  "Biology and genetics of plant-pathogen interactions" (BGPI) aims at studying plant diseases with the goal of proposing rational control methods.

Researchers participating in EMERAMB

  • Michel Peterschmitt. Principal researcher  
  • Cica Urbino 
  • Martine Granier 

Research interest.

Threats from plant pathogens are increasing as a result of globalization, human mobility, climate change, and pathogen or vector evolution. UMR BGPI aims to study plant diseases from molecular to landscape level, with the goal of proposing sustainable control methods against pathogens of temperate and tropical crops. Population dynamics of emerging diseases and mechanisms of pathogenicity and plant resistance are the main fields of study. Knowledge transfer for quarantine management of genetic resources is also a strong component of BGPI's activities.